Party All the Time!

28 02 2008

Last Sunday, the kids had a “swimming party”. This entails everyone getting into their swim suits, clearing Mom and Dad’s bed of all bedding, and blowing up the floaties. They then jump around in the “pool”, lay out on the “beach”, and have all sorts of fun.

I was trying to remember–at exactly what age does one no longer think wearing a swim suit is fun?


27 02 2008

Every Monday, my son Zack writes what they call a “Weekend Window” at school. We went bowling on Saturday, and this is what this weekend’s window said:

“Boy I was sweting after I went bowling. I was geting a big wrokout. When it was my turn to bowl and also did you know that on the last shot I had the ball go strait though the midile of the lane.”
He’s struggled with writing since day 1 of his school career, and we’re so pleased with his progress. He told me he worked really hard on this particular paper; I could tell. Great job, Zack!

More bowling photos . . .

Presidents’ Day Continued . . .

21 02 2008

When posting our Presidents’ Day Adventure to the mall, I forgot to include this awesome photo strip we took. Sorry the quality isn’t better; we either don’t have a working scanner or we have one that isn’t hooked up. Anyway, I love how we weren’t quite ready for the first one, and then the rest don’t get much better. It’s the story of our family life.
Complete chaos.
I work best that way.
Well, mostly.


19 02 2008
Originally, I had planned on doing something for Presidents’ Day.

You know, going to the coast or a park or even into the city.

Unfortunately, each of my children woke me up at one time or another during the night, which meant I got about 15 minutes of sleep. Colby woke up to eat twice; Rainbow slept with Stan and me, inevitably prodding me awake at one point or another; Eden came in around 4:30 complaining that her ankle hurt (although climbing into bed with me seemed to help it for awhile); and Zack came in at 5 or 5:30 to tell me, “I just can’t sleep thinking about the cinnamon rolls downstairs.” I told him to go ahead and eat one if it would make him happier, but he refused to go downstairs without someone. By this time, Eden was awake and I shoved her out of bed, instructing her to go with Zack and get a cinnamon roll. I continued hearing them for about an hour, having a “cinnamon roll party” in their room. Ugh. Can’t wait to find remnants of that in the coming months.

Anyway, all this combined made it a late morning. The coast was definitely out, and there would be too darn many people in the city. I briefly considered the “Family Fun Center”, a place quite a lot like Chuck E. Cheese, only bigger. Then Stan had an inspiration. “Let’s take them to Tilt!” he said. (And, yes, it was with that much enthusiasm). He and I had gone to Tilt a few weeks ago while on a date (Air Hockey score–Me:7, Stan: 5. Yeeessssss!) and I quickly agreed it was the perfect Presidents’ Day outing. Another plus: they use quarters at Tilt, not tokens, so there’s no playing until you use it up. Just playing until you’re done playing.

So we spent Presidents’ Day in a mall arcade. Rad.

I wish I would have taken some photos while we were actually in Tilt, but I was too busy playing Skee Ball. These are of the kids enjoying a little Dairy Queen treat afterwards (which, by the way, probably ended up costing more money than our entire time in the arcade).

I love this picture. When Rainbow finished, Eden went for the double barrel.

I also like this one: Chocolate milkshake, chopsticks-style.

Don’t misunderstand me . . .

18 02 2008

I just realized that last post might be miscontrued.

I (heart) my boys also. Very much. I just didn’t put any pictures of them in that particular post. That’s why it only says girls.

I (heart) my entire family–tons.

I (heart) my girls

18 02 2008

Here are the girls in their Valentine shirts. Cuties. Zack refused to wear his–mostly because I wrapped it like a present and he was excited until he found out it was clothes instead of a toy. I’ve learned MY lesson. Wrap the Happy Meal Toys and just hand him the shirt when he’s getting dressed. That’s what I get for trying to make Valentine’s Day special!

These are a few . . .

16 02 2008

. . . of Colby’s favorite things.

Those sproingy doorstops

Scattering the fridge magnets

Emptying the dishwasher

“Must continue in spite of . . .”

” . . . suffocating hug.”

(These next three are self-portraits; that’s why they’re so whonky.)

Taking Mom’s glasses off

Putting Mom’s glasses on

Giving Mom slobbery kisses

And Colby’s favorite thing to do:

Tickle the ivories

Liberace–look out!