Half empty, NOT half full?!?

1 02 2008

I think I may be addicted to Q-tips.

This may not sound like a big thing to be addicted to, but anytime you try and stop doing something and you can’t, well, that can be pretty annoying.

But being addicted to Q-tips is not the worst thing. Even worse is that I’m addicted to cleaning out my ears with them. Yes, that’s even in spite of the warning in dark, bold print on the back that says: DO NOT INSERT INTO EAR CANAL. I can go for three or four days, but then I start getting a little antsy. Seriously. I can feel stuff in my ears. I know that’s gross, but it’s the truth.

So here is my question: Why is it that I am positive that my Q-tip use will lead to hearing loss, ear cancer, or some other equally appalling fate (I’m sure they don’t print that warning on the label for nothing), but in other things that have the same basic probability (for instance: those surveys on the end of receipts that give out $1,000 every week) I am equally positive it won’t happen?

Am I a pessimist? I never thought so before, but now I’m not so sure.

Beware of Internet Crazies

1 02 2008

My husband is not terribly excited that I have a blog. He’s still a little wary of the whole anyone-can-see-this-if-they-have-an-internet-connection thing. So, in order to appease him somewhat, I’ve decided to give my family pseudonyms. That way I can talk about them, but you really won’t know who they are. Hence:
7-year-old son=Zack
5-year-old daughter=Eden
4-year-old daughter=Rainbow
1-year-old son=Colby
Feel free to consult this legend anytime.