Share and share alike

4 02 2008

My two school-age kids are home sick today. We have some rotten virus that just keeps morphing and getting passed around. Ugh.

But anyway, I was remembering something funny that happened a month or two ago when I went to get Zack up for school. He and Eden share a room, but Eden is in pm kindergarten and doesn’t leave until after lunch. I was lightly jabbing Zack in the shoulder, chanting, “Time to get up, Zack. It’s morning.” Eden rolled over and murmured something in her sleep. As is our usual morning habit, I had to increase the insistence a few notches before Zack actually woke up. Meanwhile, Eden woke up and said, sleepily, “I had an interesting dream.”

“Oh, really?” I replied in mid-jab. “What was it about?”

And then, my sweet little Eden answered in this scary demon-voice, “IT ISN’T FINISHED.”

She turned over and went back to sleep.

Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about putting Zack and Colby together and sticking Eden with Rainbow, hmm?