More pictures!

7 02 2008

I was looking at my blog the other day, trying to decide how to make it more interesting–cooler, like all the other blogs I’ve seen. I realized there were too many words, so I’ve added a few photos today. This one is of Colby loving the chocolate cake.

I looked just like that after eating my piece, but I wouldn’t let Stan take my picture.

Why we call her "Rainbow"

7 02 2008

I must admit it was kind of fun thinking up psuedonyms for my family. I’m calling our four-year-old daughter Rainbow because, frankly, she really loves rainbows.

A small case in point:

In our church, we have a lay ministry–no “professional” pastors or anything, just people from the congregation who are asked to speak each week. Possibly because of this, we start them out early: kids give talks in the Primary beginning at age three. I found Rainbow’s first talk as I was going through some papers the other day. Because she couldn’t read yet, I drew some pictures along the side. I planned on practicing it a lot with her, and I hoped she would remember which words went with which picture. Anyway, here is one of the pictures:

As anyone can plainly see, it’s a picture of Jesus.

Well, we go to start practicing her talk, and my daughter looks at the picture and says, “It’s a smiling rainbow?”

I never said I was an artist.


7 02 2008

I found this sitting on our dryer.

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly like that–I had to move the Hello Kitty purse and the bucket o’ lint out of the way, but still. Looking a bit sinister.

Is my husband planning something? Have I angered him in some way (possibly by calling him a snob in my blog)?

Or did he just happen to set the crowbar down on top of his gloves after ripping out some of the baseboard in our entryway?

This is the evidence. You be the judge.


7 02 2008

We’re pretty laid back around our house, so it came as a great surprise to me to find out that my husband is a snob.

He was getting ready to leave for work, and I was trying to get him to eat some breakfast. It is, after all, the most important meal of the day. But Stan’s not much of a toast guy, and that’s what I LOVE to eat for breakfast. Anyway, I off-handedly told him on said morning, “I got some Cheerios if you want them. They’re out in the garage.”

“REAL Cheerios?” He asked. “Not that ‘toasted oats’ crap?”


Who knew? My husband is a Cheerios snob.

And just the other day I was teasing our friend Mike, who said, “We’re not really ‘train’ people.”

Just goes to show that these sorts of things can creep up on you unawares.