Here’s hoping

14 02 2008

I like Valentine’s Day. I know, I know, some people completely hate it, but I guess I just figure–the world needs all the love it can get, right? Well, okay, maybe that is a tad schmoozy, but I like to let people know I appreciate them. So every year I try to make a special treat to give to friends (and, yes, I was the kid who read every Valentine completely literally [He LOVES me!] because that’s what I did when I sent them out: I matched up the Valentines with everybody’s personality).

This year, I made the above cupcakes, featured on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. They turned out pretty well, don’t you think? And they do taste pretty good, but for my money aren’t as good as cream wafers (which I did last year) and ended up taking a lot more labor. But anyway . . .

This morning my husband looked at them and said, “Oh! They’re red.” He was working in the adjoining room last night while I was baking, but apparently didn’t look then.

“It’s called ‘Red Velvet Cake’.” I said. “I’ve never made one before.”

“Are they full of Red#40?” he asked me.

“Why?” I said. “Does that give you cancer?”

“Probably,” he said.

“Well, I just used food coloring.” I said. “A whole bottle, though. That’s what it asked for in the recipe.”

End of section one.

Later this morning, as I’m trying to get everything packaged up, I decide what the hey–and look at the box. “INGREDIENTS: WATER, GLYCOL, RED 40.”

You were just kidding about that, right honey? Right?