19 02 2008
Originally, I had planned on doing something for Presidents’ Day.

You know, going to the coast or a park or even into the city.

Unfortunately, each of my children woke me up at one time or another during the night, which meant I got about 15 minutes of sleep. Colby woke up to eat twice; Rainbow slept with Stan and me, inevitably prodding me awake at one point or another; Eden came in around 4:30 complaining that her ankle hurt (although climbing into bed with me seemed to help it for awhile); and Zack came in at 5 or 5:30 to tell me, “I just can’t sleep thinking about the cinnamon rolls downstairs.” I told him to go ahead and eat one if it would make him happier, but he refused to go downstairs without someone. By this time, Eden was awake and I shoved her out of bed, instructing her to go with Zack and get a cinnamon roll. I continued hearing them for about an hour, having a “cinnamon roll party” in their room. Ugh. Can’t wait to find remnants of that in the coming months.

Anyway, all this combined made it a late morning. The coast was definitely out, and there would be too darn many people in the city. I briefly considered the “Family Fun Center”, a place quite a lot like Chuck E. Cheese, only bigger. Then Stan had an inspiration. “Let’s take them to Tilt!” he said. (And, yes, it was with that much enthusiasm). He and I had gone to Tilt a few weeks ago while on a date (Air Hockey score–Me:7, Stan: 5. Yeeessssss!) and I quickly agreed it was the perfect Presidents’ Day outing. Another plus: they use quarters at Tilt, not tokens, so there’s no playing until you use it up. Just playing until you’re done playing.

So we spent Presidents’ Day in a mall arcade. Rad.

I wish I would have taken some photos while we were actually in Tilt, but I was too busy playing Skee Ball. These are of the kids enjoying a little Dairy Queen treat afterwards (which, by the way, probably ended up costing more money than our entire time in the arcade).

I love this picture. When Rainbow finished, Eden went for the double barrel.

I also like this one: Chocolate milkshake, chopsticks-style.



One response

23 02 2008

I LOVE Zack’s quote, “I just can’t sleep thinking about the cinnamon rolls downstairs.” Well, who can blame him.

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