Eden is Responsible

13 03 2008

At my kids’ elementary school, they have award assemblies once a month to “catch kids being good”. There are principal’s awards and superstar awards; I don’t know what the difference is, but they have them both.

Eden won one this last month–she was so surprised to see us in the back of the room.

Eden with the principal.

Shaking hands (sort of).

Our little superstar! We love you, Eden! Way to act responsibly!

Here’s one of Colby on the floor in the back of Eden’s classroom. I just stuck the camera down and pulled the trigger, and I really like the way it turned out for some reason. The angle, maybe? I don’t know.

Eden loves to draw pictures for people. She’s always leaving notes on me and Stan’s (I don’t know if that’s correct grammatically, but I did it for the ‘Burg) pillows. She also draws one for her kindergarten teacher about once a week. It was fun to see this on the wall when we visited her classroom.

Empty Cheese Ball Container

13 03 2008
Speaking of Sam’s Club–which was the other day, really, but whatever–Rainbow somehow managed to talk me into buying one of those gigantic things of cheese balls. I don’t know how, honestly. Sometimes I think she’s a witch.

But anyway, the kids ate them all within about four days, and I vowed that we would never again buy cheese balls. Unless it’s someone’s birthday. Then it would be okay.

What can you do with the gigantic cheese ball container once it is empty? Rainbow, as usual, has an answer: give yourself a foot bath.