Halloween Dreams

28 03 2008

Last night, I was showing the kids my blog and we came upon the photo of Colby playing the piano with the caption, “Liberace, look out!”

Zack read the caption incorrectly–“Liber-ace” instead of “Liber-achie”.

When I corrected him, he said, “Oh! Liberace! Sister B. said I looked like Liberace when I wore my cape to piano lessons.”

Zack loves his piano teacher. He always brings something to show her–a LEGO car, a paper airplane, a book he’s reading. The time he was referring to he had worn his dress up cape to lessons. I made it for him out of dark green velvet with a silver frog clasp at the top. Eden has a couple of princess dresses, so I thought I would make Zack something easy to wear to play with her as a knight or king or other some-such.

“Who’s Liberace?” Zack asked.

I told him he was a really flashy piano player and we decided to look for Liberace pictures on the computer so I could show him. As google was searching, Zack said, “Maybe I can be Liberace for Halloween!”

Can you imagine?

I about died laughing. I told Zack, “That would be SO funny. But I don’t think any kids would get it. Maybe the adults would, though.”

We had a hard enough time explaining his decision to be “Tonka Joe” a couple of years ago. Nobody, aside from a very small handful, had ever heard of Tonka Joe. But Zack was happy.

Granted, more people have heard of Liberace . . .

It’s definitely creepy. That’s for sure.



2 responses

2 04 2008

Liberace? As hilarious as it might be, I think that he would have some serious issues later on.

3 04 2008

Next time you’re in town we’ll be sure to take him to the Liberace Museum.

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