Zack’s Back

2 04 2008

Sunday morning, Zack fell from the top of his foot board and hit Eden’s bed with his back. Result: a Sunday spent in ambulances and hospitals and a compression fracture of his L3 vertabrae.


He’s on bed rest for a few days–the pain isn’t constant anymore, only when he sits or stands. We’ll keep you posted.

Remember that old song? The details are not entirely valid in this instance, but the result is the same: NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED.




2 responses

2 04 2008
Lee Family

I’m so sorry your family has had to go through this. It’s so HARD when you kids suffer – so hard. I hope he has a QUICK and FULL recovery.

3 04 2008
Linda Adams

Wendy – I’m so sorry! This is miserable. I’m very glad that although it’s bad, it wasn’t worse, and nobody’s talking about wheelchairs or paralysis, or or or… (scary)

Best wishes for a safe and full recovery, Zack!

Joe got bounced off the bed once by his older sister and wound up with a few stitches over his eyebrow – and a scary wait for a CT scan to determine whether there was a skull fracture (there wasn’t, whew!) – so I second the motion for “NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!”

Try and get them to stop though… have you ever tried making a monkey LISTEN??? 🙂

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