My Baby Brother!

7 04 2008

My youngest brother is 26 today. Happy Birthday, Mike!

I remember when he was born. I really wanted a sister. We were going to name him Katie.

We shared a room for several years. I used to sing him to sleep. You miss that, don’t you, Mike?

When he was four or five, he made a scotch tape mustache and went around saying, “Hello, my name is Connie.” With an accent, no less.

When he was about six, he used the hose to fill the sandbox to overflowing, then he rolled around in the strawberry patch in order to become a little black rain cloud.

When I was 16 and he was 11 or 12, a boy came to visit me. I really liked him, but Mike didn’t. Mike wrote a note that said, “Steve, you had better leave” and tried to subtly give it to him. Eleven is not a subtle age.

Around the same time, Mike was the cowardly lion in his school’s “Wizard of Oz” play. His siblings teased him mercilessly, me included. But actually, I thought he was very cute, even wearing makeup. I still have his song memorized.

Although I don’t know what it’s like to be the youngest, I’m sure glad you’re my brother, Mike–and I’m also amazed you turned out so well, considering the extra “parenting” you got from your five older siblings.

And, yes, you are cooler than me. But if you say so I’ll deny it.




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8 04 2008
Lee Family

my internet’s been down for a while. so annoying.

I too remember the day Mike was born. I used to pray that my mom would have another baby – but no luck there. I remember holding him and thinking you were so lucky to have a baby.

happy birthday Mike!

8 04 2008

Those stories are cracking me up. I can’t decide if I like the note to Steve one better or the little black raincloud.

I too, wished I could have another baby in our family, but of course someone has to be the last. And, if I weren’t the youngest I wouldn’t be able to commiserate with Mike on knowing what it’s like to be the youngest.

Happy Birthday Mike!

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