15 04 2008

Do you ever say something that inadvertently brings a song or movie line to mind?

Stan did that this morning while he and I were having breakfast with Zack. I can’t even remember what he said, but instantly he and I were both singing:

You call me up this morning, talk about the new love you found–
I said I’m happy for you. I’m really happy for you.

We ended with a rousing chorus of:

You see me on the street one day, and I don’t know what to say–
Look away, baby, look away!
Don’t look at me; I don’t want you to see me this wa-ay.

Stan and I were both cracking up. Seriously. We do Chicago like no one else–not even them!

So Stan says to Zack, “Do you think your parents are crazy?”

And I say, “No way! I bet if you asked the other kids in your class if their parents sing Chicago at breakfast, they would say no.” I smile broadly. “You are so lucky, Zack. You have the coolest parents ever.”

Zack looks at me. AND ROLLS HIS EYES.

C’mon, buddy! When did you stop thinking I was cool?

Look away, baby. Just look away.




One response

16 04 2008
Chris & Kathleen

you are hilarious!

I seriously love checking your blog. . . I know I’ll get a laugh or at least a smile out of it!

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