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19 04 2008

We aren’t one of those families that insist upon using anatomically correct names for everything. (Rainbow still calls breasts “belt loops”–long story–even though we’ve tried to correct her).

Basically, with our girls and boys we’ve just called things “privates” and added, “That’s why you keep them covered. They’re supposed to be private.” (Did I mention one or more of my children seem to be born exhibitionists?)

Since Zack’s accident and further health issues have begun cropping up, my dad bought us a gross anatomy book from Amazon. (Thanks, Dad!). Zack is totally into anything science anyway, so when I showed him this new book yesterday he was completely stoked.

It’s a very graphic book–I mean, every piece and part of the body is drawn from every angle and every layer. It’s completely amazing and every time I look at it I’m in awe of the human body.

But anyway, Zack was looking through this and that until he found the pelvic section.

“I knew it!” he said.

“What?” I asked.

“It isn’t just called ‘privates’. In boys it’s called ‘external urethra orifice’.”

Um. Right.

Sometimes it’s hard having intelligent children. And sometimes it’s really, really funny.



2 responses

20 04 2008

Oh man, that is funny.

21 04 2008
Lee Family

SOoooooo funny. He is a smartY or is it smartie. In the words of Homer Simpson, I am smart – s-m-r-t.

LOVE the picture “Eden” made for you. That is too precious.

Thanks for making me laugh so hard with the package in the mail. check blog for photos of the J.T. eh!

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