Trying to be HGTV

22 04 2008

I’ve been wanting to redo our bedroom for awhile now. Our bedding was old. Our lamp was ugly. Our wall was bare. Some of our books were in homemade cardboard bookshelves.

As you can see, there’s clearly some spillage. This picture also does not show the two cardboard boxes full of books in the next room, or the other one in the kids’ closet. What can I say? I’m a Goodwill book junkie. At least I come by it honestly.

But enough about that. The day I intuitively assembled these cardboard babies, Stan came home and was incredibly impressed.


“Do you like them? I made them myself.”

“Really? I couldn’t tell.”

This is a shot of Stan’s favorite feature of the homemade cardboard bookshelf:

Robots certainly make a difference in MY life.

Anyway, I’ve been saving Bed Bath and Beyond coupons (are there supposed to be commas in that?) all year, going in and saving 20% on piece by piece of the bedding. (I was really quite surprised, not having bought much beyond the occasional sheets since my wedding 11 years ago–linens are expensive. Yeowch.)

Then I did an IKEA run, literally. Eden had to be to school just after 12, so I hauled through the store with my list and made it out of there in record time. Thank goodness for microwave corn dogs, or Eden would have missed lunch that day.

I had decided to suprise Stan. (Yes, I will admit to a possible overdose of HGTV and TLC). He knew I was planning on redoing the room, but I didn’t let him look at anything and I didn’t tell him I was going to do it on Friday.


Because I asked my friend Tami to come and help me throw it together that morning, but Stan decided to take a leisurely morning and do a little work from home.

Tami arrived at around 9:30, as planned, and I opened the door to greet her while hissing, “Stan’s still here!”

“I know–I saw his car!” she hissed back.

So she sat down at my kitchen table and we chatted while I did the breakfast dishes, Stan working at his laptop only feet away. We acted as normal as possible, as though we get together and shoot the breeze over breakfast dishes regularly–which, after talking it over, we decided we should do more often.

After about 20 minutes of this, Stan stood up, stretched, and said, “I guess I’ll head in to work.”


Tami and I quickly got to work. She figured out the crazy non-language bookcase instructions while I tackled the bedding. Well, not tackled, exactly–ironed.

That’s right, folks. I ironed my bedding.

I am usually not so worried about wrinkly sheets, but since I wanted the room to look nice (and also since the new stuff was really wrinkly) I spent around two hours (2. Hours.) ironing the bedskirt, pillow cases, shams, and duvet cover.

It’s enough to make a person not want to wash their sheets.

But anyway, the kids were excited to help me with the finishing touches when they got home after school, and were extremely antsy for Stan to get home and be amazed at the transformation.

This is Eden and Rainbow, impatiently waiting for Stan to come up the stairs so they could jump out and yell, “Suprise!”

Here is the before picture:

And here is the after:

Are those murmurs of shock and amazement I hear?

I thought so.




7 responses

22 04 2008

That looks great!! Beautiful choice in colors. You didn’t post the ENDING! Was he surprised/shocked/amazed/awed/and in love with you all over again? :)Dina

22 04 2008

Looks great! Can’t wait to see it in person….

23 04 2008

I am super impressed, it looks awesome! Also – Is Stan at all concerned about the accumulation of books given your family heritage?

23 04 2008
Chris & Kathleen

Cute! Good color choice. I love your two cute little windows, too. How fun!

25 04 2008
Lee Family

WOW WANDA! so, so impressed. You always were a book hoarder like that one time when we “shared” babysitters club and sweet valley high but conveniently “stored” them at your house. If I were smarter I’d see your manipulative ways.
Anyway, your room looks fabulous and I’m so proud of you for ironing for 2 hrs. yikes. I hate ironing. I love the colors too!

28 04 2008

I took a picture of when Stan walked through the door, but it was blurry because I was laughing too hard. The girls jumped out and yelled, “Surprise!” and so he had on this totally fake “I’m so surprised!” face. As far as the other stuff–I don’t know. He didn’t say too much.

Sandi–Somewhat concerned about books, but, really, I could be the type that brings home bags of diamond jewelry. Books are really much more economical.

Niki–I’m pretty sure it was a joint decision to keep the books at my house. Really. I remember voting. They are all boxed up in the loft at my parents’ house, waiting for our daughters to be old enough to read them. Just let me know, kay?

30 04 2008
Clint, Camber, and Camdon

You are amazing!! I wish I could do that! However, we don’t even have a house, I guess I will wait it out. We want to come visit you guys, I have never seen your house. Maybe for a certain Baptism…

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