More than toys . . .

29 04 2008

I haven’t posted in awhile–we’ve been busy going on field trips and trying to make medical decisions that will effect Zack’s future (no pressure) so I haven’t taken the time to sit and write anything for the ol’ blog. Just two quick things today, then maybe I’ll have a chance to post some photos later.

Yesterday, Rainbow was “rhyming”, like so:

“‘Cook book’ rhymes with ‘mook book’.”

Then a little later:

“‘Toilet’ rhymes with ‘noilet’.”

True, that.

I was able to go on a field trip with Eden’s kindergarten class to the museum in our town. We learned lots about pioneers and how they did things and what they found when they finally got here with their wagons (Answer: Trees).

We were in the log cabin and the docent was pointing out various foreign objects: the rug beater, the kerosene lantern, the chamber pot. She explained about outhouses and chamber pots, then asked the children, “Who do you think emptied the chamber pots in the morning? Whose job was it?”

Someone said the dad, someone else said the mom, and the guide explained that they had other jobs to do.

Then one kid piped up: “Santa!”

He was a busy guy back in the day. Luckily he had elves to make the toys.