The Dream Kitchen

29 05 2008

Last night, I started pressure washing our back patio.

It was really fun.

Why can’t they make something like that for the kitchen floor? Seriously. I am one of the world’s worst moppers, but if I could just spray off the floor using a loud power tool, I think I could keep up with it.

It was my brother Greg, I think, who said what we really need is an all-stainless steel kitchen with a big drain on one end. Everyone finishes eating, and you just hose it down.

Or how about this: a giant autoclave kitchen! Oh, yeah, baby. Now you’re speaking my language. Just leave your dirty dishes on the table, seal the door, and run the cycle. When it’s finished, every surface is clean and sanitized–and the table is already set!

Not entirely practical, true, but kind of fun to day dream about.

Hey, I’ve got to do something to put off cleaning my kitchen.

A Slice of Our Real Life

22 05 2008

As I was trying to figure out how to burn a cd today (still don’t know), I came upon a slew of pictures that the kids had taken on our little digital camera. (There are a lot of them, so don’t feel obligated to look at them all if you get bored.) Anyway, it was interesting to see their take on our life and what they think is important enough to photograph–I deleted most of the pictures of the stairs. Enjoy! (And, yes, I’m well aware of how good I look in them. How could I not be?) This, unlike the pictures I usually post of “fun” things, is pretty much our real life.

Old Video

22 05 2008

I found this video while I was going through some old photos on the computer. I had just finished making the girls princess dresses, and Eden wanted to have a princess dance party. We checked out a cd from the library with all the best princess songs on it, including “an all-new song with all the Disney princesses–If You Can Dream!” Consequently, Eden had been playing it almost 24/7–which is why I start singing it on the video. If I was a little more technically savvy I could probably figure out how to dub the actual song over it, but, really, I’m feeling pretty good that I realized the little filmstrip in the corner means it’s a video.

More to come

22 05 2008

Sorry. I realize that pictures of a purse don’t actually count as a news flash. All of the sudden, though, I can’t get Picasa to work, which is where I have all of my photos. So I’ll try again later. For now, I’m off to shuttle kids from kindergarten and preschool and back to kindergarten!


22 05 2008
I made this purse for my friend, E. It turned out pretty well, I guess. It’s the first purse I’ve made using a pattern.

It’s green velvet with chartreuse silk-like stuff on the inside. Posh.

Is Anybody Out There?

22 05 2008

Lately, I’ve been looking at people’s blogs and thinking, “When are they going to post something new?”

Then I realized that since I myself haven’t posted anything new in awhile, it wasn’t really fair to expect it from anyone else.

But I’m posting right now, so I’d better see some action!

Rainbow Quotes

16 05 2008

Here are just a few things Rainbow has said lately–

“I need to wear sunglasses to keep the rain from dropping in my eyeballs.”

“In the mirror, it looks like I have lips!” (I think she meant lipstick, but who knows?)

We had a vase of dandelions on our table that eventually went to seed (which we call ‘wishes’). Rainbow saw them the next morning and said, excitedly, “I think they poof out into wishing!”

Another dandelion story, which proves how opposite kids think from adults–we were driving in the car and Rainbow said, “Mom, look at that yard! SO many wishes!” She wanted our yard to look just like it.

Something I’ve noticed lately–Rainbow calls spit “mouth water”. As in, “He got his mouth water on me!”

“Mom, look at my toe!”
I looked at her toe. She had a balloon string tied around it.
“It’s American!”
“Your toe?”
“Yeah, it’s American!”
I didn’t ask her about the nationality of the rest of her toes.