Lady Luck

1 05 2008

This morning, Rainbow was explaining a few things to me over hot chocolate.

“And if your foot tickles, that means it’s lucky,” she said.

“Really? A tickly foot means that?” I said.

“Yes,” she said.

“Well, I’ve been lucky before, so my foot must have tickled and I didn’t even notice it.”

Rainbow stirred her cocoa, not replying because, well, that was pretty obvious, Mom.

Later on that day, she absolutely insisted on macaroni and cheese for lunch.

“Sorry, I’m not making a pot of macaroni and cheese just for you,” I said. “You can have Easy Mac if you want.”

“I don’t want Easy Mac! I’ll only eat macaroni and cheese!”

“We might have some leftover,” I told her, and began digging in the fridge. The first two containers were stroganoff–“Do you want some of this: noodles with gray sauce? You like it.” “NO! I’ll only eat macaroni and cheese!”–and I wasn’t holding out much hope.

But wait–behind the jar of alfredo sauce, could it be . . . yes! I showed her the contents of the cottage cheese carton and she beamed. As I started the microwave, I said, “You are luck-key.

I had my back to her, but could almost tell by the tone of voice that her brow was furrowed. “No–I’m not lucky. My foot is not tickling.”

I had forgotten about that part of being lucky.

“Wait–in my boots my toe was a little tickling, [shrug] so I’m just lucky.”

Phew. Another 4-year-old’s theory of life scientifically proven.




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