The Dream Kitchen

29 05 2008

Last night, I started pressure washing our back patio.

It was really fun.

Why can’t they make something like that for the kitchen floor? Seriously. I am one of the world’s worst moppers, but if I could just spray off the floor using a loud power tool, I think I could keep up with it.

It was my brother Greg, I think, who said what we really need is an all-stainless steel kitchen with a big drain on one end. Everyone finishes eating, and you just hose it down.

Or how about this: a giant autoclave kitchen! Oh, yeah, baby. Now you’re speaking my language. Just leave your dirty dishes on the table, seal the door, and run the cycle. When it’s finished, every surface is clean and sanitized–and the table is already set!

Not entirely practical, true, but kind of fun to day dream about.

Hey, I’ve got to do something to put off cleaning my kitchen.




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3 06 2008


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