I Begin to Understand

1 06 2008

Stan is a great guy.

And I’m not just saying that because he’s my husband.

He’s kind, considerate, funny, smart, and incredibly good-looking.

So, when a co-worker of his left the company about a year ago, I was really surprised when Stan told me said co-worker (whom we’ll call Mirag) had told another co-worker (I think it was Dennis) when he left, “Watch out for Stan.”

Exactly. “Watch out for Stan.”

I was shocked because, really, “Watch out for Stan”? How B-movie can you get? Even more than that, Mirag made it sound like Stan was out to get whomever he could because he was a power-hungry egomaniac.

(Granted, I’m getting all this third-person through the Stanfilter, but honestly Stan is about the least power-hungry egomaniacal person I know.)

So I was confused. And, I must admit, a bit huffy about the aspersions being cast upon my husband’s character. “Watch out for Stan” indeed! “Watch out for Stan’s angry wife” is more like it!

A bit of the puzzle was solved for me, though, about a month ago. Stan and I were on a date at IKEA. If you’ve ever been to IKEA, you know that it is a human maze which, once entered into, takes hours to get out of and requires seeing almost the entire inventory (and warehouse!) of what I lovingly refer to as Swedish junk.

I love going to IKEA.

Especially without kids.

Anyway, because of the maze-like nature of the beast, as well as the incredible number of people who are always shopping there, I think it is safe to say you’d be hard-pressed to meet someone when inside its bowels, even if you were trying to.

We weren’t trying to, and yet we still ran into someone we knew—Stan’s co-worker and his wife, whose names I cannot pronounce or even begin to try to spell because they are from India.

We visited for awhile, then Stan offered to drive the bed they were buying for their son to their house, since they didn’t have room in their car. (I told you he was kind and considerate!).

We tailed them to their house and I got the grand tour (Stan had already been there a couple of times helping with their yard and sound system–I won’t repeat it, but really–how can you not love this guy?) of their lovely home (she’s an excellent housekeeper) and they invited us to dinner with our kids sometime.

We haven’t gone yet, but I want to–although I’m a bit leery of my kids’ grubby handprints getting everywhere. She is so sweet, though, that I don’t think she would mind.

Anyway, to finally fit my mini-epiphany in here, we were driving home and I asked Stan, curiously, “I wonder what they’ll serve to eat?”

Stan and I both like Indian food, and I thought they were vegetarians. Stan informed me, though, that “On some days they eat chicken.”

He then started chuckling a bit, and said, “Did I ever tell you about when I made Mirag eat chicken-fried steak?”

Hmm. Interesting.

Apparently, they were in the company cafeteria line when Mirag asked Stan, “What’s that? Is it chicken?”

Stan thought, “Chicken-fried steak?” Then he said, “Yeah, I think so.”

Stan was cracking up while he was telling me this part. “Could he tell it wasn’t chicken?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Stan said. “I had to trade him for my sandwich.”

Methinks the ominous, “Watch out for Stan” is making more sense now.

Of course, I’m pretty sure Dennis doesn’t have any religious dietary restrictions, but you never know.




2 responses

3 06 2008

That is a great story! I’m glad you found out the hidden meaning behind the ominous words…

4 06 2008
Lee Family

I was just as confused as you were. Stan is soooo nice. What a good guy you have.

I’m glad you put your fav books along the side. I’m going to the library today and I’m going to get Beauty and git smrt. Actually I’ve read most of the books on your list. wahooooo.

thanks for calling me Craig’s list master oh young one. can’t promise anything, but I hope you win and I don’t say that to all the girls.

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