These Orthotics are Made for Walking . . .

19 06 2008

As I promised a few family members, here is a picture of Colby’s feet in their orthotics.
And here’s one of how it looks with his shoes on.

They’ve been a great help to getting him more stable as he cruises along furniture, but he’s still a long way from walking on his own. The biggest problem is how loose his joints are–in particular his ankles and hips. We have a physical therapist coming in every week and that’s helped me to know what types of things to work on.

Oftentimes when Colby walks, his feet are splayed out, almost as if he’s doing a plie. I’m working on helping him align his feet so his muscles get used to that position, as well as stabilizing him in a squatting position to increase the muscle tone in his thighs and hips. The therapist said they have special pants made of lycra and/or neoprene that kind of suction your hips in (I could maybe use some of those–) or have velcro to give the upper legs extra support. The biggest problem is that they’re hot, and with summer coming on it may not be the best idea.

We’ll keep you posted in the continuing saga of Colby learning to walk.