The Rocketman

23 06 2008

A few weeks ago, I was able to go to Eden’s class and help with a special project: stomp rockets.
A man came (yes, the Rocketman) from a local astronautical society with all the needed supplies to build and launch paper rockets.
It was awesome.
The kids had a fabulous time, and I was impressed with how far the rockets flew. Who knew paper, tape, paperclips, a bicycle inner tube, a two-liter bottle, and a piece of pvc pipe could translate into a couple of hours of enjoyment?
Eden, decorating her rocket
Our fearless instructor (I SO want to get you an identical jumpsuit for your birthday, Ty)
The launch
The landing

Hi, Eden! Great flight.
Taking a breather from all that running

And I think it’s gonna be a long long time–

(You’re welcome. I had that song in my head the entire time we were a’rocketing).




2 responses

24 06 2008
Lee Family

cool. I want a paper/clip/pvc/tube rocket. That is seriously one of the coolest school activities I’ve heard of. ROCKETMAN. pretty awesome.

26 06 2008
Chris & Kathleen

yep, the song is totally in my head now.
Have you seen the movie? Not as good as the song.

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