Field Day

4 07 2008
Just catching up on a few pictures. I was able to go and help with Eden’s class on field day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get too many photos of Eden because I was in charge of the scooters, and I had to keep a close watch on those five- and six-year-olds to keep them in line. (“Tony–once around the cone, then get back here and give someone else a turn.”) You would think, once I pointed out that they were taking longer turns than they were supposed to that they would obediently remember the next time their turn came up.
You would think wrong.

Eden on the scooters before she knew I was taking her picture.

Eden on the scooters after she knew I was taking her picture.

I have one word to say about field day: PARACHUTE.

Seriously, it was so awesome. I wish I would have had a better angle on it, but I didn’t trust those kindergarteners as far as I could throw them with the scooters, so I stuck faithfully to my post. And got some great pictures of Eden’s back.

This is Eden with one of her very best friends, Angie.

It’s hard to tell them apart from the back. Same size, same shape, same hair.

On to first grade next year!