You Say it’s Your Birthday–It’s My Birthday, Too!

11 07 2008
Yesterday was my birthday.

As you can see, I turned thirty-one. Yep. 3-1.

I’m looking a little old in this picture–baggy eyes, a bit wrinkly. Of course, I’m also sans make-up because I spent the day at Cub Scout camp with Zack. When I get all prettied up, it takes, oh, about a year off of my age. (Which I guess is why I don’t do it every day.)

The reason I’m even posting you this and boring you with my rats-I-really-am-getting-older sob story (honestly–I’m not in my twenties anymore, so can’t be called “young”. I’ve been young my whole life so far, and I’m not old yet, so where AM I? Medium?) is because . . .

Stan gave me a laptop for my birthday.

Which I am using right now to post this birthday blog.

YES! (Insert Kip arm action here).

Which just goes to show that being 31 has it’s advantages. Zack turned eight last week, and he would have LOVED a laptop for his birthday.

He got Legos.

So, more later on Zack’s birthday and baptism, the fourth of July, and vacation to the ocean. For now, I just have to say this:

Thank you, Stan! I love you.