14 07 2008

Zack’s been through the rigamarole health-wise this year. Between his broken back and a battery of tests (and doctors) discussing growth hormone, he’s pretty much been-there-done-that. (Although we have not bought any t-shirts). The latest was an endoscopy, where they put a tiny camera probe down his throat to take pictures and biopsy (in this case) the small intestine. We went to Children’s hospital in Seattle for the procedure.

Here he is with Dad, trying to take his mind off the upcoming procedure (this didn’t last long, so I don’t think it really helped).

This was our first time at Children’s (although, unfortunately, it won’t be the last) and I was impressed with the architecture and decor.

This gigantic whale was hanging from the ceiling when we came in, presumably because we were on the whale level. (The logical leaps my brain takes surprise even me, sometimes.)
They had beautiful murals of sea scenes painted on the walls–although I really wonder about their choice on this one. How comforting is it to see an enormous octopus as you’re headed in to experience a scary hospital procedure?
Don’t forget the sinister-looking tentacles. (Aaaaah! Don’t go in there!)
They had a very cool two-sided fish tank (which made up for the octopus, I guess).

Cute kid, if I do say so myself.
Post procedure. Ahh. It’s over.
Ten-four, good buddy.

The nurse gave him an extra i.v. tube thing, because Zack wanted to use it in some of his experiments. He loves a good connector.

So, the procedure went well, and the nurse called us last week with the results: celiac disease. Celiac is a condition where your body can’t digest gluten properly, and when you eat it your small intestine gets damaged. There is no treatment or “cure”–just a gluten free diet.
For the rest of your life.
And since his main food groups are pasta and frozen waffles, Zack’s going to have some adjusting to do. Well, the whole family will, actually. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Kids’ Day

14 07 2008

This was actually about a month ago, but I’m trying to play catch-up.
Every year, our city has a “Kids’ Day” at a local park the day after school gets out. They have lots of booths and free inflatable rides and fire engines and police cars. We haven’t gone for a couple of years, and it’s really grown.

As you can see, there are about a bi-jillion people there. (This picture doesn’t even show the half of the park over the hill that we didn’t even go to).

The park is just down from our house, so we hoofed it there instead of taking the car. Correction: I hoofed it, the girls rode their bikes, and the boys rode in the stroller.
Here are the big kids, waiting in line for an inflatable something-or-other. We waited about 20 minutes, and then didn’t go to any other ‘rides’. Not worth the wait. This day was the first really warm day we’d had that summer–which is definitely better than standing in the rain.

Eden sort of tackled the Fred Meyer bear without him (her?) being aware. She’s a hugger. (Eden, not the bear.)

Rainbow, pushing her ride.
Zack wearing his newly-made mask.
Colby, politely falling asleep in the stroller instead of screaming and wiggling while we waited for Eden to get her face painted. Thank you, Colby!