14 07 2008

Zack’s been through the rigamarole health-wise this year. Between his broken back and a battery of tests (and doctors) discussing growth hormone, he’s pretty much been-there-done-that. (Although we have not bought any t-shirts). The latest was an endoscopy, where they put a tiny camera probe down his throat to take pictures and biopsy (in this case) the small intestine. We went to Children’s hospital in Seattle for the procedure.

Here he is with Dad, trying to take his mind off the upcoming procedure (this didn’t last long, so I don’t think it really helped).

This was our first time at Children’s (although, unfortunately, it won’t be the last) and I was impressed with the architecture and decor.

This gigantic whale was hanging from the ceiling when we came in, presumably because we were on the whale level. (The logical leaps my brain takes surprise even me, sometimes.)
They had beautiful murals of sea scenes painted on the walls–although I really wonder about their choice on this one. How comforting is it to see an enormous octopus as you’re headed in to experience a scary hospital procedure?
Don’t forget the sinister-looking tentacles. (Aaaaah! Don’t go in there!)
They had a very cool two-sided fish tank (which made up for the octopus, I guess).

Cute kid, if I do say so myself.
Post procedure. Ahh. It’s over.
Ten-four, good buddy.

The nurse gave him an extra i.v. tube thing, because Zack wanted to use it in some of his experiments. He loves a good connector.

So, the procedure went well, and the nurse called us last week with the results: celiac disease. Celiac is a condition where your body can’t digest gluten properly, and when you eat it your small intestine gets damaged. There is no treatment or “cure”–just a gluten free diet.
For the rest of your life.
And since his main food groups are pasta and frozen waffles, Zack’s going to have some adjusting to do. Well, the whole family will, actually. I’ll let you know how it goes.



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14 07 2008
Clint, Camber, and Camdon

Well, we are so sorry to hear about the results. I know it’s hard and I’m sure you are so overwhelmed at this point. I know that my mom was! She tried so many different recipes and made so many changes but after a while it all becomes second nature. She is really good about all of it now (and so is Cailey of course, which I guess is why she can go to BYU-Idaho this year). Well if you have any questions or anything I know they would be happy to talk to you. I also just got 4 Gluten Free recipe books from the library so we will be trying a lot of those out and we will let you know which ones are good and which still taste like cardboard. We love you guys and let us know what we can do.

15 07 2008
Lee Family

Oh Wendy, that stinks. “Zach” is such an awesome trooper. Monica has celiac disease and it is an adjustment; I sure hope that he’ll not resist the diet change too much. Good luck Wendy. You are such a good mom.

15 07 2008
Chris & Kathleen

He is a cute kid, and a trooper! I hope you’ll be surprised how easy the change will be. You’ll be blessed. And hey, maybe he’ll like eating more now that it doesn’t hurt his stomach! You are a great mom, and a great cook!
Note: Burger king Tacos are gluten free, as well as McDonald’s fries. Just don’t let him go into KFC, the air is full of flour (and 11 secret herbs and spices!) We love you guys! Good luck!

15 07 2008

Oh Wendy . . . what a little trooper! He IS an adorable kid and so brave. I’ve got lots of friends with that disease and they seem to do okay – in fact, Fred Scoresby has it! The last time we were into the hospital, he came by to visit and mentioned he had it! So, your little guy is in good company. Best of luck with new cooking ideas – but the library is a great resourse plus ‘online’!

15 07 2008

Hey! He and “Devin” have a procedure in common. Just different parts of the body. Minor detail. Sorry to hear you’ve got a major diet change to make. Maybe they sell gluten-free frozen waffles @ that health food store in Fed. Way. (Marlene’s, I think it’s called…)

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

16 07 2008

Thank you all for your input and concern. It’s interesting that since we found Zack has celiac, so many other people we’re close to are letting us know they know others with the same condition. It’s nice to know we’re not alone in this! Thanks.

16 07 2008
Dead Eye

Hey Wendy its a challenge at times but not to bad, we have found that if we google Gluten Free menu and a restruant that it will usualy bring up a list of what Michele can eat. Her latest favorite is Wingers ribs, she loves ribs. Vans has a good gluten free waffle that she loves. Call if you have any questions, we have been doing this for 15 yrs.

one of your many cousins,
Mike Jones

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