16 07 2008

For some reason (probably because that’s the way my mom did it with my family) I haven’t thrown birthday parties for my kids where friends can come. I’ve told the kids, “You can have a party when you turn eight.”

Guess who turned eight this year. That’s right, our own Zackarooni.

We had a great time making stomp rockets and marshmallow catapults and eating ice cream cake. Unfortunately, I didn’t get too many photos because I was running the party. I didn’t even get a picture of his cake because I was videotaping. (However, it wasn’t anything spectacular. He wanted a Dairy Queen ice cream cake–easy.) What I really wish is that I’d gotten a picture of all the kids who attended the party; I’ll make sure we get one at Eden’s.

Here are a few pictures of what I did get:

A couple of the catapults (Zack originally wanted them strong enough to heft water balloons . . .)
Someone’s leftover ice cream cake. Whenever I see food abandoned like this on my table, I think of that line in A Bug’s Life: “They come, they eat, they leave.”

Later that night, we had cousins from Oregon and both sets of grandparents on hand to witness the breaking of the birthday pinata. It was a real treat!
Stan and his parents
Colby with my parents
Colby with Stan’s dad
Colby and Stan
Colby loves his daddy!

Zack, sporting the pinata’s head.
We sure love you, Zack! Happy Birthday!

My First Tag

16 07 2008

I’ve been tagged for the first time, by my friend who now goes by an Alias. She and her family moved last year, and when they got to their new place of residence she decided to change her name. Pretty gutsy, that. I don’t know if I could train my brain to answer to an entirely different name. I forgot to ask her when she was here last week if she has alter-egos for each of her names. But anyway, she tagged me, so now I answer the questions and tag a few other people.
I think. I’ve never done this before, you know.

Attached or single? Very attached
Best friend? Stan
Cake or pie? Pie
Day of choice? Friday, because for some reason all the little things I’ve been putting away all week finally seem to make a difference and the house looks better than usual, and then I get to go on a date.
Favorite color? Orange
Gummi bears or worms? Um, neither? I’m not a big fan of gummi candy.
Hometown? The ‘Burg
Ideal vacation? Extended time in Great Britian, seeing England, Scotland, Ireland, AND Wales.
January or July? Hmm. I guess July because of Independence day and birthdays and reunions. But NOT because of the heat.
Marriage date? January 18th
Number of siblings? Five. All brothers.
Oranges or apples? Do I live in Washington or do I live in Washington? APPLES, of course.
Quote? Integrity is making your actions consistent with your knowledge of right and wrong.
Reasons to smile? My kids, my husband, my LIFE. I’m amazed at how blessed I am.
Season of choice? Fall. Or maybe spring. I prefer the transition seasons to the hard-core hot or cold of summer and winter.
Tag three people: Niki, Laura, and Sandi
Unknown fact about me: Another little-known fact? I’m running out of these. Okay, how’s this: I wrote a book for children (though it isn’t published).
Vegetable? Potato
Worst habit? Nail-biting, dag nabit!
X-rays or ultrasounds? I was going to put neither, but I think instead I’m going to put both.
Your favorite food? This changes often, but I really love a good steak with a baked potato. Yum.
Zodiac sign? Cancer

I just realized this is an alphabet tag. As has been said before, I’m a little slow on the uptake–but “zodaic sign” completely gave it away. Well, looking at it closer, E, K, L, and P are missing. Whatever.

(And KJT, just so you know, I only didn’t tag you because you’re getting ready to go on a trip. Have fun!)