16 07 2008

For some reason (probably because that’s the way my mom did it with my family) I haven’t thrown birthday parties for my kids where friends can come. I’ve told the kids, “You can have a party when you turn eight.”

Guess who turned eight this year. That’s right, our own Zackarooni.

We had a great time making stomp rockets and marshmallow catapults and eating ice cream cake. Unfortunately, I didn’t get too many photos because I was running the party. I didn’t even get a picture of his cake because I was videotaping. (However, it wasn’t anything spectacular. He wanted a Dairy Queen ice cream cake–easy.) What I really wish is that I’d gotten a picture of all the kids who attended the party; I’ll make sure we get one at Eden’s.

Here are a few pictures of what I did get:

A couple of the catapults (Zack originally wanted them strong enough to heft water balloons . . .)
Someone’s leftover ice cream cake. Whenever I see food abandoned like this on my table, I think of that line in A Bug’s Life: “They come, they eat, they leave.”

Later that night, we had cousins from Oregon and both sets of grandparents on hand to witness the breaking of the birthday pinata. It was a real treat!
Stan and his parents
Colby with my parents
Colby with Stan’s dad
Colby and Stan
Colby loves his daddy!

Zack, sporting the pinata’s head.
We sure love you, Zack! Happy Birthday!



2 responses

17 07 2008
Chris & Kathleen

Happy Birthday Zach! Those marshmellow launchers are awesome…we’ll have to try to recreate them.
I’ll call you when Jeanette is up!

23 07 2008
Lee Family

no friends til 8?? come on – what’s a party without a PARTY?? Do you remember when I had an Unbirthday party. Do you ever get mixed up in your head and call your children by their Blog names?

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