Reunion–At the Beach

19 07 2008

I forgot to take my camera to Zack’s baptism, so hopefully some kind soul will send me some pictures so I can post them (hint, hint).

Anyway, directly after Zack’s baptism (well, okay, a day later) we headed over to the coast for my family reunion. Here are a few photos of us at the beach.

This is kind of the first surge to go-and-touch-the-waves right after we arrived.

Eden bringing me her flip flops before stripping down to her swim suit. (The suits solo didn’t last–several minutes later, the girls came back to put their coats on and Zack never took his off).

My sister-in-law Laurel started posing when she caught me taking pictures of her.

Every time I look at this picture, the theme song to “Fletch” starts going through my mind. (Da-da da-da da-dana, da-da da-da da-dana). I’m not even sure why.
My two oldest brothers.
My nephew Johan running across the beach.

The shivering girls

I love these of Eden trying to outrun the waves.

Zack joining her.
And then her cousin, Marian.

Laurel (carrying Lila) and Johan.

Another one of Laurel (she’s so photogenic, isn’t she?)
Are you having fun yet, Mom and Dad?

Brr. So, we successfully ascertained that a Washington beach in July is colder (much colder!) than a San Diego beach in October. Just a little tidbit for your future vacation planning.