Cooking in Siberia

23 07 2008

As I was making breakfast this morning, I realized something about switching to a gluten-free diet: it’s almost like being thrust into a foreign country. I’ve got my tried-and-true recipes, but it’s like all that’s around are those interesting and sort of creepy open markets you see on the travel channel with huge hanks of meat hanging in the open air, covered with flies. So I go to the market and feel adventurous getting an entire chicken (oh, no, the plucked one, please) and head back to my apartment with the plug-in hot plate and think, “Now what?”

I went to the natural food store and bought a bunch of different non-gluten flours, got home, and thought, “Now what?”

Of course, I’ve still got my electric mixer and microwave, so it’s not quite Siberia. But I’m reading my recipes and thinking, “Okay, can’t have that ingredient. What can I put in there instead?” Which I’m sure is what people do when they go to Siberia and can’t get, say, canned tuna fish. They might try, you know, some other sort of meat to put on their sandwiches. Like chicken. Or a pig’s head.

Anyway, I’ve found my recent cooking adventures to be a bit roller-coastery (the rice flour muffins turned out pretty well; the buckwheat ones, well, not so great). I was thinking about it all this morning as I mixed up a flour cocktail I found online (listed as Wendy Wark’s Gluten-free baking mix–it was a sign!). I put together six or seven flours, a couple of starches, and xanthan gum.

And let me tell you something: our waffles this morning were FANTASTIC. I was so excited, I decided to try the same mix tonight in my pizza dough recipe.

Let’s just say it was edible.

Not delicious, but not completely cardboard.

It’s going to take some getting used to, but I’m pretty sure switching to cooking without gluten is easier than cooking in Siberia would be–at least for me.

Call me picky or even a wimp: I don’t like to see my dinner’s face and/or feet before I have to cook it.



3 responses

23 07 2008
Smith Fam

If anyone could master cooking in Siberia, I’m sure it’s you! Good luck with the nongluten cooking. Go Wendy!!!

28 07 2008

Hey, I did find out that winco has some bulk stuff. I don’t know exactly what. But one lady I met said that they have bulk rice flour…by the bag.

29 07 2008
Clint, Camber, and Camdon

We totally went through that too! (not the Siberia part). Well we have some of the cookbooks now and we are slowly but surely testing. My mom tried just replacing in the beginning and lets just say it didn’t work too well. She said the especially gluten free recipes seem to work best. Hopefully we will see ya’ll soon!

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