Where are we now?

28 07 2008

Stan is currently embroiled in what I like to call the six-billion-dollar business deal from H. So instead of hanging around home and seeing him about seven minutes every day (and the kids not seeing him at all), I talked him into taking me and the kids home to Rexburg.

[I still call it home, even though Washington has been our home for five years. It’s nice to be able to go on a trip to go home, and then when it’s over, to go home. Home is a great destination.]

The kids and I are here now, enjoying playing with Grandma’s toys (especially the kitchen in the basement) and having clean cut young men at Ray’s Chevron ask politely if they might pump our gas. (It’s SO different from Oregon. There, it’s because they have to. At Ray’s, it’s because they WANT to.)

We’ll be posting from the Gem State for the next couple of weeks, hoping Stan remembers to eat (yes, he’s working THAT MUCH) and do his laundry before it’s too late. We miss you, Stan/Dad! But we’re doing our best to enjoy ourselves without you.

Also–a public apology to my oldest brother whom I made fun of in the last post: he helped me get my laptop all hooked up to the network at my parents’, for play-by-play blogging throughout our Idaho vacation. Thanks, Gregor!


28 07 2008

Here are a few more pictures of our reunion. My oldest brother spent almost an entire day sleeping on the couch, as is chronicled in the next sequence.

He also seemed to be contagious.

If you can believe it, only two of these were posed.

This last one is just a random shot I took of the kids coloring. I love the way Johan’s arms are blurred–“I need to write this down fast!”