Folk Dancing

30 07 2008

One thing that always happens in Rexburg at the beginning of August is the International Folk Dance Festival. My family wasn’t one of those that were staunch supporters, but we’d usually go to the parade and maybe one of the performances if the week wasn’t too busy.

Well, we hit our vacation just right and were able to go downtown to see the parade a couple of nights ago. Here is a quick chronicling of the events:

For the most part, shooting straight into the setting sun made the photos look hazy (and I’m not enough of a photographer to know what to do about that), but I think the sunshine made these flags of the Belgian team look pretty cool. And I LOVE their waffles, besides!

China, as always, was fun to watch: bright costumes, interesting props, drum and cymbal accompaniment, and exciting dance moves. (Especially compared to the western European teams = staid and rather boring [Sorry, Tennessee–I mean, France!])

Tough crowd.They had two Russian teams this year; one that was more traditionally Russian (see above), and one that must have been the part of Russia that borders Asia (sorry, those pictures didn’t turn out). This dancer was particularly enjoying himself.

Colby bucked and hollered for awhile, and then finally fell asleep.

I think this team is from Greece. Their costumes were beautiful, but UGH. Wool skirts and knee boots in August. What can I say? I’m a wimp. (I can also say I don’t know how to read a calendar. But it’s practically August.)

These are the people who walked through the middle of the street DURING the parade. Nice.

I like the sunlight on this one, too.

This is the flag bearer from the Mexican team–and, man, could she WHISTLE.

This was the band–how cool is that guy walking while playing the bass?! Sweet.

Zach originally didn’t want to go to the street festival, but he was quite engaged once we got there.

The team from India was gorgeous.

I loved this little girl.

I love this little girl, too. Unfortunately, this is the last living evidence of my sunglasses. I hope someone found them on the ground and is enjoying them, because I’m sure missing them.

Daddy’s Boy

30 07 2008

Colby has a special relationship with Stan. He’s always been a cuddly baby, and he and Stan have always been close. There are just some things that only Dad can do. I took this picture before we came to Idaho and thought it was pretty sweet.