Reunion–At the Beach

19 07 2008

I forgot to take my camera to Zack’s baptism, so hopefully some kind soul will send me some pictures so I can post them (hint, hint).

Anyway, directly after Zack’s baptism (well, okay, a day later) we headed over to the coast for my family reunion. Here are a few photos of us at the beach.

This is kind of the first surge to go-and-touch-the-waves right after we arrived.

Eden bringing me her flip flops before stripping down to her swim suit. (The suits solo didn’t last–several minutes later, the girls came back to put their coats on and Zack never took his off).

My sister-in-law Laurel started posing when she caught me taking pictures of her.

Every time I look at this picture, the theme song to “Fletch” starts going through my mind. (Da-da da-da da-dana, da-da da-da da-dana). I’m not even sure why.
My two oldest brothers.
My nephew Johan running across the beach.

The shivering girls

I love these of Eden trying to outrun the waves.

Zack joining her.
And then her cousin, Marian.

Laurel (carrying Lila) and Johan.

Another one of Laurel (she’s so photogenic, isn’t she?)
Are you having fun yet, Mom and Dad?

Brr. So, we successfully ascertained that a Washington beach in July is colder (much colder!) than a San Diego beach in October. Just a little tidbit for your future vacation planning.

Independence Day

18 07 2008

With cousins from Oregon and grandparents still in town, we had a really fun fourth of July. The city put on a fourth of July festival in one of the parks with inflatable rides, activities, and outrageously overpriced food. It was great!

My nephews, Andrew and Alex, pointing at something while waiting in line.

More line waiting with their big brother Jason.

Eden, explaining to Rainbow her plot to escape boredom while waiting in line–

Leapfrog! Or, at least, some form of it.

Eden, at the bottom of the Tidal Wave slide–totally worth the wait.

I love this one of Andrew–he looks like he’s going to be landing on his face extremely soon, but he’s quite happy about it.

I tried to get Rainbow to change into something else, but she insisted on wearing her new skirt.

Luckily, she’s wearing purple panties.

Eden, emerging from the back end of the octopus “ride”. The kids thought this was hilarous.

This is Andrew. “Help! Pull me out!”

The girls decided the real-pony-merry-go-round was worth the wait.

Rainbow was extra excited.

This picture kind of makes it look like they were going fast. They weren’t.

Rainbow and Stan, posing before the dismount.

A balloon sword battle (my favorite kind).

Colby LOVES his stuffed dolphin. I’m not sure why.

The reason there are no pictures of Zack is because he went with Grandma and Grandpa to the car show–and LOVED it. He’s particularly fond of Mustangs.

Later on, we had fireworks in our cul-de-sac.

The A Team sparking up the street

Rainbow doing her sparkler dance.

It’s hard to see in this picture, but Alex’s face is hilarious. “Check me out. I’ve got TWO sparklers.”
The peanut gallery.
More sparkler fun–

Happy belated fourth, everybody!


18 07 2008

Grandma made these cute skirts for the girls. They love them! Thanks, Grandma!


16 07 2008

For some reason (probably because that’s the way my mom did it with my family) I haven’t thrown birthday parties for my kids where friends can come. I’ve told the kids, “You can have a party when you turn eight.”

Guess who turned eight this year. That’s right, our own Zackarooni.

We had a great time making stomp rockets and marshmallow catapults and eating ice cream cake. Unfortunately, I didn’t get too many photos because I was running the party. I didn’t even get a picture of his cake because I was videotaping. (However, it wasn’t anything spectacular. He wanted a Dairy Queen ice cream cake–easy.) What I really wish is that I’d gotten a picture of all the kids who attended the party; I’ll make sure we get one at Eden’s.

Here are a few pictures of what I did get:

A couple of the catapults (Zack originally wanted them strong enough to heft water balloons . . .)
Someone’s leftover ice cream cake. Whenever I see food abandoned like this on my table, I think of that line in A Bug’s Life: “They come, they eat, they leave.”

Later that night, we had cousins from Oregon and both sets of grandparents on hand to witness the breaking of the birthday pinata. It was a real treat!
Stan and his parents
Colby with my parents
Colby with Stan’s dad
Colby and Stan
Colby loves his daddy!

Zack, sporting the pinata’s head.
We sure love you, Zack! Happy Birthday!

My First Tag

16 07 2008

I’ve been tagged for the first time, by my friend who now goes by an Alias. She and her family moved last year, and when they got to their new place of residence she decided to change her name. Pretty gutsy, that. I don’t know if I could train my brain to answer to an entirely different name. I forgot to ask her when she was here last week if she has alter-egos for each of her names. But anyway, she tagged me, so now I answer the questions and tag a few other people.
I think. I’ve never done this before, you know.

Attached or single? Very attached
Best friend? Stan
Cake or pie? Pie
Day of choice? Friday, because for some reason all the little things I’ve been putting away all week finally seem to make a difference and the house looks better than usual, and then I get to go on a date.
Favorite color? Orange
Gummi bears or worms? Um, neither? I’m not a big fan of gummi candy.
Hometown? The ‘Burg
Ideal vacation? Extended time in Great Britian, seeing England, Scotland, Ireland, AND Wales.
January or July? Hmm. I guess July because of Independence day and birthdays and reunions. But NOT because of the heat.
Marriage date? January 18th
Number of siblings? Five. All brothers.
Oranges or apples? Do I live in Washington or do I live in Washington? APPLES, of course.
Quote? Integrity is making your actions consistent with your knowledge of right and wrong.
Reasons to smile? My kids, my husband, my LIFE. I’m amazed at how blessed I am.
Season of choice? Fall. Or maybe spring. I prefer the transition seasons to the hard-core hot or cold of summer and winter.
Tag three people: Niki, Laura, and Sandi
Unknown fact about me: Another little-known fact? I’m running out of these. Okay, how’s this: I wrote a book for children (though it isn’t published).
Vegetable? Potato
Worst habit? Nail-biting, dag nabit!
X-rays or ultrasounds? I was going to put neither, but I think instead I’m going to put both.
Your favorite food? This changes often, but I really love a good steak with a baked potato. Yum.
Zodiac sign? Cancer

I just realized this is an alphabet tag. As has been said before, I’m a little slow on the uptake–but “zodaic sign” completely gave it away. Well, looking at it closer, E, K, L, and P are missing. Whatever.

(And KJT, just so you know, I only didn’t tag you because you’re getting ready to go on a trip. Have fun!)


14 07 2008

Zack’s been through the rigamarole health-wise this year. Between his broken back and a battery of tests (and doctors) discussing growth hormone, he’s pretty much been-there-done-that. (Although we have not bought any t-shirts). The latest was an endoscopy, where they put a tiny camera probe down his throat to take pictures and biopsy (in this case) the small intestine. We went to Children’s hospital in Seattle for the procedure.

Here he is with Dad, trying to take his mind off the upcoming procedure (this didn’t last long, so I don’t think it really helped).

This was our first time at Children’s (although, unfortunately, it won’t be the last) and I was impressed with the architecture and decor.

This gigantic whale was hanging from the ceiling when we came in, presumably because we were on the whale level. (The logical leaps my brain takes surprise even me, sometimes.)
They had beautiful murals of sea scenes painted on the walls–although I really wonder about their choice on this one. How comforting is it to see an enormous octopus as you’re headed in to experience a scary hospital procedure?
Don’t forget the sinister-looking tentacles. (Aaaaah! Don’t go in there!)
They had a very cool two-sided fish tank (which made up for the octopus, I guess).

Cute kid, if I do say so myself.
Post procedure. Ahh. It’s over.
Ten-four, good buddy.

The nurse gave him an extra i.v. tube thing, because Zack wanted to use it in some of his experiments. He loves a good connector.

So, the procedure went well, and the nurse called us last week with the results: celiac disease. Celiac is a condition where your body can’t digest gluten properly, and when you eat it your small intestine gets damaged. There is no treatment or “cure”–just a gluten free diet.
For the rest of your life.
And since his main food groups are pasta and frozen waffles, Zack’s going to have some adjusting to do. Well, the whole family will, actually. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Kids’ Day

14 07 2008

This was actually about a month ago, but I’m trying to play catch-up.
Every year, our city has a “Kids’ Day” at a local park the day after school gets out. They have lots of booths and free inflatable rides and fire engines and police cars. We haven’t gone for a couple of years, and it’s really grown.

As you can see, there are about a bi-jillion people there. (This picture doesn’t even show the half of the park over the hill that we didn’t even go to).

The park is just down from our house, so we hoofed it there instead of taking the car. Correction: I hoofed it, the girls rode their bikes, and the boys rode in the stroller.
Here are the big kids, waiting in line for an inflatable something-or-other. We waited about 20 minutes, and then didn’t go to any other ‘rides’. Not worth the wait. This day was the first really warm day we’d had that summer–which is definitely better than standing in the rain.

Eden sort of tackled the Fred Meyer bear without him (her?) being aware. She’s a hugger. (Eden, not the bear.)

Rainbow, pushing her ride.
Zack wearing his newly-made mask.
Colby, politely falling asleep in the stroller instead of screaming and wiggling while we waited for Eden to get her face painted. Thank you, Colby!