Splash 2

8 08 2008

This is not exactly the Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah cheesy mermaid movie sequel–but we did go to the splash park again. I apologize in advance for the length of this post: it’s just so FUN to take pictures of my kids. I realize it might not be as fun for others to look at them, however, so I’m trying a new format. Hopefully it will cut down a little on the frantic scrolling necessary.

Rainbow is terrorizing the little boy on the right. Just a bit, though.
Zack was easing into it all.

Rainbow (once again) squirts the boy in the background.

I really wish this picture would have worked out better. It’s quite the business innovation, really. The sign says: “Please DO NOT STEAL my Cotton Candy.”

What a novel idea!

We DID NOT steal this cotton candy.
I love the hand shield over his eyes–
This is serious fun.

Eden’s pretty pink toes

So, this new format isn’t working out too well for me. I’m having a hard time getting the captions where I want them. Just imagine witty repartee that goes along with each photo.

End Splash 2. Hope you enjoyed it!




3 responses

10 08 2008
Chris & Kathleen

I enjoyed Splash 2! Not much screen time for the red head though. (I forgot his internet name) Everett has made me promise I’ll take him there next time we’re in Idaho because “it looks like so much fun”. Is that at the park that the pool and slide are at? It looks like a lot of fun!

10 08 2008

Red head was asleep at the time with grandma and grandpa.

It is the same park–but the splash park is where the pool and slide used to be. They got too expensive to keep up. We’ve got some good memories there! Loved those pads for the slide . . .

12 08 2008
Smith Fam

Good thing Eden was there to hold up the tube slide. 😉 Great pictures!

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