Round and round and round we go–

11 08 2008

Another one of our favorite places is the carousel. It happens to be right next to the splash park, so, hey, all sorts of fun.

Eden, atop her valiant stallion.

Zack always chooses a horse on the inside so he can watch the inner workings. This is a very old carousel, and it’s the one my kids are most familiar with. When we visit the one at the mall, Zack’s always a little disappointed because you can’t see the machinery. The other big plus is the one-man-band drum and cymbals. The mall just has cheesy Disney music to their carousel.

Colby sat on the sidelines with me–he’s cutting his eyeteeth.

We also went over to the playground–I love this photo of Rainbow.

A Case of Bad Timing

11 08 2008

I’ve been excited to attend the Rexburg Temple since I went to the open house in January. Unfortunately, it’s CLOSED! Better luck next year, I suppose. I’ll try to get a few better pictures at least.

A Favorite Place

11 08 2008

One of my favorite places is the Gardens on the BYU-I campus. I was a horticulture major when I was at school, so I spent lots of time studying and identifying plant life while I was there.

I took the kids on an evening last week. Eden posed at every opportunity, but I managed to get a few candid shots.

“For some reason, this gazebo makes me feel like doing karate moves.”

Mmm. Hollyhocks. They’ve had to take out large portions of the Gardens to accommodate growth on the campus, so a lot of the plants are gone–but the hollyhocks were still lovely.
As soon as I let him out of the stroller, Colby took off down the trail.
He’s like a little leprechaun.
Can’t get enough of those chubby legs!

Mesa Falls

11 08 2008

About an hour away from Rexburg is the lovely Mesa Falls. It is truly spectacular. We went up with my brother Mike and his wife Sandi last Saturday.

And there was a rainbow!

The crew.
Wow. I probably could have just watched it for hours, but the kids were getting antsy.

Colby loved all the stairs.
This is lower Mesa Falls. Just as spectacular, but you don’t get the same close-up look.

And here we have Idaho —


11 08 2008

I echo Bob Costas: “Au contraire, mon ami.”

Au contraire indeed.