The Lake of Jefferson County

18 08 2008

Another fun day trip during our Idaho vacation: Rigby Lake!

We used to go to Rigby Lake a couple of times a summer when I was a kid, having a weenie roast and cold pork and beans for dinner after swimming or paddling to the island with my cousins. Good memories.

Rigby Lake is much the same (and cold pork and beans still taste good there)–except now you have to PAY $5 to park. No kidding. (This could explain the relative lack of the usual lake riff-raff I remember . . . )

But I digress. The kids had an absolutely fabulous time, and Stan’s sister and husband put up a delicious spread–thanks for the party, guys!

Rainbow, testing the waters
Zack, being especially daring (for him)

Sweet Colby, enjoying the mud

Eden spearheaded this “mini lake” diorama, complete with weeds for trees. Check out the lovely muddy legs.

Posing under the beach (er, golf, actually) umbrella–love the cheeks and Rainbow’s graham cracker.