New sport?

25 08 2008

Zach told me, idly, the other day, “I thought of a new Olympic sport. Instead of discus, you throw a cat.”

I blinked.

“It’s called catcus.”

I blinked again. Huh?

“Or else they could catapult cats.”


“They could call it catapuss.”

I turned to look at him, then busted up laughing.

Then he said, “Stuffed animal cats, of course.”

That’s when I saw the stuffed animal cat sitting on the rug. A bit of Olympics overload, hm?

Farewell, Beijing

25 08 2008

I LOVE the Olympics.

It’s weird, really, because I’m not much of a sports fan. I try to catch a bit of Wimbledon each year (tennis is SO a sport, Amie!) and it’s always fun to see the Final Four, but, well, that’s about it.

So my obsession with the Olympics is rather singular. I have probably watched at least two hours EVERY NIGHT since the Olympics started. That’s a lot. I don’t generally watch a lot of television. But tv-watching habits aside, I’ve definitely gotten my sports fix. For the next four years.

One thing you kind of have to put up with if you want to see the exceptional athletic prowess of the Olympians are the asinine phrases of the commentators. Don’t get me wrong–I love Bob Costas as much or more than the next person. He’s been my favorite since I was a kid.

This is not about Bob Costas. You know who I’m talking about. The ones who make such obvious statements as, “This is going to hurt the team” when they’ve fallen off the balance beam. For some reason, most of the annoying commentators seem to be covering gymnastics. For your reading enjoyment, I’ve culled some of the most awful.

“She is MONSTER TOUGH.” (I think every girl wants to hear this about herself.)

“The pommel horse has been like Waterloo today.” (Which means bad. But only if you’re French. Napolean especially.)

“He is exuding confidence today with his mannerisms and gestures.” (As opposed to exuding it through his sweat glands.)

“So far it has been carpe diem for him–seize the day and seize the opportunity.”

“Wow–crazy international storylines crossed.”

“I’d have to say that right there looked like a choke.”

“That’s a ‘Yeah, baby!'”

“That was back to back amazing!”

“He is MVP to the 10th power!”

I stopped commenting on the comments because I was starting to sound a little snarky. And I love the Olympics and the commentators do a great job. Usually.

When they aren’t being annoying.

P.S. Thanks to Melissa for commenting and reminding me of this gem: “He gives 110%, 110% of the time.” Mathematically, that’s not even possible. Don’t they know that?