Who knows?

27 08 2008

Tonight on my way home from Enrichment Meeting, the song “Pour Some Sugar On Me” was playing on the radio.

I started laughing so hard. I’m not entirely sure why.

Well, aside from the fact that the lyrics are hilarious.

From my head to my feet, yeah–



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27 08 2008

You laughed because secretly you are a rocker. Don’t deny it. I have been in denial for years and it has only caused me pain.

I refused to admit that I secretly liked hair band music.

So, while on the outside, I played EFY, U2, and Janice Kapp Perry, on the inside I was humming November Rain.

I am glad that you have finally come to terms with that:)

28 08 2008

I LOVED that song in High School/JR. High. We played it at stake dances…apparantly no one listened to the lyrics in our stake at that time. Now I can only listen to it when the kids are not in the car…;-)

30 08 2008

Tell Steve to take his Def Leppard CD out of the van next time

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