Day Three — also the First Day

3 09 2008

Zack, on his first day of third grade–

Eden’s first day is tomorrow.

Day Two

3 09 2008

I just planted these about a week ago (Stan sort of killed a lot of my flowers while I was gone, bless him); they’re pansies, obviously. A variety called ‘Sorbet’. I love the orange and purple together.

Critical Mass

3 09 2008

Last Monday (not Labor Day, the one before that), I started the day thinking, “Aw. How sad. The last week of summer.”

By about Wednesday, I was thinking, “I can not wait for next week!”

I’m not quite sure what happened over those couple of days, but I do know this: we have reached critical mass.

I may need to be checked into an asylum if this doesn’t end soon. But it does.

School starts tomorrow–HOORAY!

Day One

3 09 2008

My brother (sort of) did this last year and it was really fun to see his daily pictures, so I’m going to give it a try.

A photo a day for a month.

Last night for Family Home Evening, we went to a local park for some wholesome family recreation. I took a whole slew of pictures, but they didn’t turn out quite right.

Something was wrong with the camera.

(That’s only partly a joke. Something was wrong with the camera, but it happened later after I’d taken a bunch of pictures. The real problem in this situation was the photographer.)

Anyway, hopefully if I have to come up with something creative every day I’ll also figure out how to work my camera.

[Slightly funny side note: When we were at the school the other day, looking at the class lists for next year, we saw a girl who was in Eden’s class last year standing with her mom. The mom and I started talking and she said, “Did the rocket pictures turn out?” I said, “Well, yeah, a few of them.” “Are you a photographer?” “Um, no.” “So you just have a really nice camera?” “Er, yes. That’s all.”]

So–here’s day one.

Cute kid, if I do say so myself.