Day Six

7 09 2008

Stan’s new socks.



5 responses

7 09 2008

I must say your husband has excellent taste!!

7 09 2008

I feel so out of it…are bridgedale socks really cool? Anonymous said that your husband has excellent taste. My taste must be lacking because I have never heard of them, yet somehow I want them now, because if that is what it takes to be as cool as Stan, then I am in.

7 09 2008

That’s so funny, Candice–Stan himself posted that last comment. To which I can only add–“No kidding–look who he married!”

Also–I will note his objection to the psedonym ‘Stan.’ He told me yesterday he definitely wouldn’t have chosen it for himself, but he didn’t give me another alternative. Stan stays.

8 09 2008

Hi, love the picture. Very artistic, I can see it in a sock ad in VOGUE!

8 09 2008
Smith Fam

I love how your blog makes me laugh. The world would be a bleak place without it. I mean, who else posts pictures of such stylin’ socks?

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