Day Eight

9 09 2008

Some photos from our guest bloggers–

This is today’s photo–Stan took it yesterday while on the plane to Vegas.

Now, I know I’m adding more photos so it technically should be called “Photos of the Day” instead of “Photo of the Day”, but I just couldn’t resist plugging these in. I guess I could have waited and used them throughout the week, but I’m trusting Stan to keep me well supplied with pictures of his trip. The following were taken by my children:

Apparently, my kids brought the camera to Sam’s Club (how clueless am I that I cannot pinpoint this memory?) This is some product advertisement, but I love the way the angle makes his face look all distorted. Spooky.

This one, obviously posed, is Stan working at his desk at home. What I can’t figure out is what the green thing in the corner is, along with how it is the only colored item in the entire picture. I’m pretty sure my children haven’t yet graduated from the Kim Anderson School of Tinted Photography (in which case Stan would be wearing a little bow tie and holding a bouquet of red roses) so I have no idea how they did that.

Mom at work in the kitchen. (If you couldn’t tell, I’m going after a cake with a jackhammer).

I love this one, even if I do look incredibly freakish. The angle, the way the focal point is the syringe (Insert “Psycho” music here)–no wonder they don’t want to take their medicine. I’m scared, too.