A Trip to the Club

10 09 2008

I’m sure a few of you were a little skeptical of my mothering skills when I admitted that my children had taken a bunch of pictures at Sam’s Club without my being aware. Since then, I’ve searched the ol‘ memory bank and have a hazy recollection of the kids with the camera in the store, and me telling them (in between entertaining Colby and reasoning with Rainbow that she doesn’t need to sit in the baby seat because she’s not a baby anymore), “Don’t take pictures in the store. They get mad if you do that.”

I’m sure that idea stemmed from the high school recollection of a photo scavenger hunt and a rabid Wal-Mart employee. But whatever.

My children, though, are apparently adept at stealth. I can just picture it in my mind: Zack whipping the camera out of his pocket whenever I study a list of ingredients, Eden being the faithful lookout/Mom distracter.

Without further ado, I present a typical trip to Sam’s Club from a child’s point of view:

On the way there–

When we first moved here, I thought it so strange that so many people had their houses painted turquoise. Now, I don’t even blink.

Hmm. Beginning to rain–
Raining harder (this is the parking lot)–
Ah. Safe and dry inside. Zack started taking pictures of things he wishes he could buy,
like big flat screen tvs,
anything with the word “wireless” in the description,

batteries–lots of batteries,
and blank cds.
I can imagine Eden saying, “Give me the camera, Zack! I need to take a picture of this jewelry–“
And this fancy bed–
and Honey Nut Cheerios (her favorite cereal).

I think this picture’s funny.
Always, they ask if I have money to spend on this overpriced candy. Always I say no.
Apparently, they like this Airborne guy.
“Mom, we have to get this! It has a bonus!”
The checkout is always the grand finale. (I think this is my favorite shot, other than the freaky-headed guy featured a couple of days ago. Let’s face it, an adult would look idiotic crouching down to take a photo of a checkout line. But when a kid does it, they’re shooting straight ahead. The perspective is key. Looking through my kids’ pictures, I could tell immediately which pictures I had taken on the little camera. They looked so much more . . . deliberate. Stiff. Slightly unnatural. So . . . adult. I’m afraid that if I try to teach my kids how to take pictures, they’ll lose that innate naturalness. Until then, I guess I’ll just continue letting them take lots of photos, deleting hundreds of pictures of toys and the tv but culling those few gems. Okay, I’ve philosophized long enough. I’m late for an appointment.)
Ahh. I once again underestimated my children. Will that ever stop happening?

Day Nine

10 09 2008

Very cool skylight, taken at Stan’s hotel. I love photos of architectural details.