Should I?

11 09 2008

Zack had his first den meeting for cub scouts tonight.

He LOVED it.

So much so, in fact, that he wants to wear his scout shirt to school tomorrow.

With the neckerchief. Of course with the neckerchief.

Do I let him do it? I want him to enjoy scouts, certainly. But . . . I don’t know. He’s only in third grade–would that still be considered social suicide? I just worry about him being that kid–you know, the nerdy one who can’t eat wheat and knows all the parts of a computer and wears his scout shirt to school.

Wait a minute–that sounds so familiar . . .

I guess I’m really wondering this: do I let him embrace his nerdiness, or do I try and temper it? (“At least leave the neckerchief home, honey. We don’t want you to lose it.”) This is one of those times I really wish Stan were here to talk to him. I love Zack, and I love that he loves scouts, and I love that he has absolutely no qualms (it was completely, absolutely his own idea) about wearing his uniform to school. Is someone going to make fun of him, though? I don’t want my boy getting hurt!

I don’t know what to do!

Just an update–Zack went off to school this morning, neckerchief and all. He really did look so cute (although I don’t know if “cute” is what he’s going for) and I looked at all the kids at the bus stop and thought, “No one is going to bother him.” They’re good kids, the kids he goes to school with–I think trouble with name-calling and clothes doesn’t start until middle school.

Right? I’ve got a few more years? Please?

Day Ten

11 09 2008

What a handsome hunk. Looking happy and relaxed there, dear.