Day Eleven

12 09 2008

I’m not even sure where this is–some fancy, ritzy place in Vegas that’s trying to look like it’s in Italy. Wait! Stan’s staying at The Venetian. It must be at his hotel. (And, yes, he did try to talk me into going with him, but . . . it’s only the second week of school. How could I do that? Of course, seeing the pictures and remembering the past few nights of thinking, “Isn’t it bedtime yet?” and finding it’s only six o’ clock–well, let’s just say I’m feeling a little bad about missing the Vegas vacation.)



5 responses

12 09 2008

What does Stan do that took him to Vegas? It looks luxurious. I wish that you were with him…somehow I think that a mother of several would find greater pleasure in it than most. Unless you spent the whole trip worrying about your little ones.

12 09 2008

Vegas is the one place that I’d probably pass on. We went a few years ago for a conference and after four days I was DONE. I do like the picture though!

12 09 2008

ooh, I like this picture- it makes me want to watch 21 or Ocean’s 11 :).

Thanks for the comment- Tacoma’s Roller Derby is AMAZING, and the sport is seeing a big resurgence right now. You should check them out!
PS- don’t ever worry about being uncouth on my blog 🙂 So not a problem!

13 09 2008
Smith Fam

Wow. Nice digs. Next time go, for sure!

13 09 2008

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