Day Thirteen

14 09 2008

Stan’s home! Hooray! Just in time to help with Colby’s bad night last night. I took the first shift, then passed him off to Daddy at about six this morning. When I first came downstairs a while later, Colby had his little arm flung over Stan’s stomach. It was precious, but I took too long and missed it. Rainbow and Zack have both been sick today, too. Fun! Welcome home, Dad!




5 responses

14 09 2008

What a sweet picture! Isn’t it so nice to have the dad back?

14 09 2008

Oh man, I’m sorry… we’re going through that too. I hope everyone’s feeling better soon!

14 09 2008

Hooray for husbands! They are the best.

15 09 2008

I’m glad you have some help. Sick kids is hard enough with two of you, but all by yourself is just plain torture. I hope you all are feeling better! That picture is priceless.

15 09 2008

Love the picture. One to cherish forever and perhaps include in his slide show when the little guy grows up and gets married…

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