Day Fifteen

16 09 2008

There’s just something so bittersweet about Colby and his miniature walker: bitter, because he needs it at all, and sweet because it gives him so much extra independence. And you can’t contest the sweetness of that grin! He got new orthotics the other day, so he’s wearing loaner shoes until we get new ones (which we now have). And, yes, they are pink. The only one who really minds is Stan . . .



6 responses

16 09 2008

Ne’er was there a handsomer boy. I did not notice the pink shoes, but let Stan know that his son is so manly that it overrides all pinkness. In fact, I think that your son has officially made pink ‘the new blue’.

16 09 2008

I did notice the pink shoes because I notice EVERYTHING. It’s a sickness, really. He is adorable and I’ve never seen a cuter contraption. It’s amazing how everything is cuter in miniature.

16 09 2008

Your kids are SO cute and looks like your little guy is doing SO well! Kids are soooo resilient (sp?) and do much better than we do! Love your pics!

16 09 2008
Chris & Kathleen

cutest kid! He looks so happy and proud!

17 09 2008
Smith Fam

What a cute, cute kid! For what it’s worth, I’m sure it’s all sweet to him. Heck, Colby probably thinks it’s WAY cool.

17 09 2008
Clint, Camber, and Camdon

Yeah I really don’t think anyone would ever mistake him for a girl… even with pink shoes. Oh and he is pretty much adorable! I also love your pictures of the day, they have been wonderful. Maybe I will try it sometime so that I don’t go 2 months in between posts.

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