Day Twenty

21 09 2008

I hadn’t taken any pictures at all today, so I ended up roaming around the house at 9 pm looking for shots. I found more than I thought I would–my biggest problem with photography is light, and nighttime is, you know, dark. Anyway, I had a hard time deciding what to use. I don’t know that the reason is because there were so many good shots, rather a lot of medium ones without a standout. So. Hope everybody’s having a good weekend.

I had to put this shot of Stan in–his most-recent favorite thing: noise cancelling headphones. I was talking to him the other day and realized he wasn’t exactly attending. “Can you really not hear, or are you just ignoring me?” I stared at him for almost a full minute before he lifted one ear up and said, “Huh?” Definitely a lifesaver when you’re working from home and the four-ring circus is playing about your ankles. Just no wife-ignoring, please.