Day Twenty-three

24 09 2008

I had big plans to take some fun photos at the mall today, but I ended up being too busy kid wrangling. I only took three, hurriedly, while holding Colby before the carousel started, and I didn’t think any of them worked out. This ended up being a pleasant surprise.
I blogged about how wonderful the Rexburg carousel is last month, and was sighingly nostalgic on the ride today. Sure, they had a chicken, a cat, a rooster, and a dragon to ride on, but it was entirely too smooth. Give me a little shudder here and there–that’s realistic. Like a real beast quivering underneath you–careful, keep your seat! That one’s got a wild streak in him, but he’ll settle down if you have a firm hand on the reins. Show him who’s boss. Yee-ha!



3 responses

24 09 2008

I HAVE to ride the Rexburg Carousel when I go home, now. Thank you for that awesome description!

I do not think that I have ridden it since I took swimming lessons at Porter Park in the mid-80s.

24 09 2008
Chris & Kathleen

that is a great pic. I like how she’s looking in the mirror and not the horse in front of her.

26 09 2008
Our Little School!

You crack me up! Love it!

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