Day Twenty-eight

29 09 2008

Two photos today. Zack doesn’t get much blog time because he’s always posing. It drives me crazy. He’s a handsome boy, don’t get me wrong. I just wish he would be himself for the camera.

The other photo is a game Eden made up to get Colby to laugh. She’d wait for him to stand at the bottom of the slide, then slide into giving him a hug. He loved it. Hooray for big sisters–




3 responses

29 09 2008
one sleepy mommy

Isn’t is great when they entertain each other?!?! I love it. How cute that you captured the moment.

29 09 2008

Cute! I feel the same way about my kids and the video camera. Whenever I pull it out it turns into the “crazy/obnoxious show.” That’s probably why we have very few videos of them now.

29 09 2008

Darn, I am a poser too. That is probably why I did not get as many photo ops from my parents as maybe I would have being au natural.

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