To do list:

25 10 2008

This week, I need to:

  1. Survive the Primary program tomorrow (that second verse of “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” always gets mingled with the third verse for some reason–and if I sing it wrong, all of the kids do, too!)
  2. Write a talk for (hopefully) one of my children to give during Primary tomorrow (as of this evening, they were all refusing)
  3. Sew two mermaid costumes before Halloween (already cut out, thank goodness)
  4. Find top hat, bow tie, and white gloves for Zack’s magician costume (switched from Herbie, THANK GOODNESS)
  5. Decide if I’m going to orchestra or book club on Tuesday (need to read the book first)
  6. Figure out what we can do to make Stan’s birthday on Wednesday extra-special (because he wants to skip it)
  7. Wrap Stan’s birthday presents (already have one; considering letting the kids each get him something from the dollar store)
  8. Make something delicious for my wonderful neighbor whose birthday is also on Wednesday (I’m her visiting teacher)
  9. Go on field trip Wednesday with Eden’s class
  10. Pay property taxes (ugh) on time so we don’t have to pay a late fee (happened a couple of years ago)
  11. Renew tabs for both cars (double ugh)
  12. Buy Halloween candy
  13. Make dentist appointments (just kidding–I already did that)
  14. Instead, take kids to dentist office on Saturday for the Halloween candy buy-back: $2 a pound!
  15. Oh–we still need to go to the pumpkin patch! (Not to mention carve them). Man, when are we going to do that?

Where did October go?

Could you possibly want to know any more random facts about me?

25 10 2008

I was tagged by my friend Christina. I think it’s pretty much the same tag I did about a month ago, but with better graphics:

There are all sorts of random bits of information about me, but I don’t know if there’s really a market for it. Nevertheless, I’ll do it anyway:

1. I dislike the word “moist”. (I’m not so sure about sharing this one, as I know my brothers–see last weird facts post about me for more information–will undoubtedly find ways to include it in any and every future conversation.) I’m not entirely sure why it bothers me, but the whole shape my mouth makes (not to mention that ‘moi’ sound) just bugs.

2. I read, on average, three books a week. This is one reason my house isn’t reaching its maximum cleanliness quotient.

3. I want to take ballet.

4. One of my favorite shows is the cartoon “Phineas and Ferb” on the Disney Channel. Wacky and hilarious.

5. I organize my husband’s sock drawer.

6. I’m attempting to teach myself how to play the guitar using a book/CD/DVD set I bought at Costco entitled: “The Complete Absolute Beginners Guitar Course”. I’m not very good so far (my fingers hurt) but I can successfully tune the instrument and play three chords. Just not quickly.

7. I like potato chips more than I like chocolate.


Good enough? Since I already tagged a bunch of people for this, I think I’ve done my blog tagging duty. Have a nice day, everybody.

Our Grand Adventure

25 10 2008

The kids didn’t have school Friday, so Stan took the day off of work, and we went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. We took almost 200 pictures; I’m posting only 37. It could be worse.

Last Sunday–

24 10 2008

Last Sunday, Colby took a nap after church (which always throws off the bedtime routine). I love the sleepy-ish wake-up eyes.

Love my boys.


21 10 2008

I got home from orchestra tonight, and Stan told me Rainbow was still awake. “She said it hurts her heart when you’re gone,” he told me.

Thanks, sweetie. It’s nice to love and be loved.

Now go to sleep.

Sunshine–blessed sunshine

21 10 2008

Rainy season has begun.

I’ve tried to trick myself into believing it isn’t really here, but recent downpours have mocked my efforts.

Not that I mind the rain. I don’t. If I minded it, we’d need to move because it rains a lot here.

However, there is a point that occurs in mid-February or early March when one begins to think liking rain is all well and good, but enough is enough. Of course it isn’t mid-February or early March, so what in the crazy am I talking about?

The sun is shining today. We’ve had a rainy/wet block of time the past little bit and I’m just grateful. I don’t mind the rain, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for it, either.

We got to play outside after school. It was lovely.

Can you tell how fast he’s going in this picture? Colby cooks on that walker.

A close call, to be sure.

When he’s had enough walking, Colby cruises along the curb line. The kid digs following lines; his favorite place is the gymnasium (sorry–cultural hall) at church. He’ll crawl and laugh for as long as we’ll let him.

Heading home from the mailbox, I saw this:

Looks like mischief.


Ala peanut butter sandwiches!

I’d venture it was the best dollar he’s ever spent. (For FHE last night, we went to the dollar store with our allowances.)

Another reason I’m not ready for the rain: crawling Colby. Today I’m feeling so, so grateful. I’m just so blessed.

My little piece of heaven–


19 10 2008

I’m almost ready to delete my blogger blog and account, but I have a little fear. I’ve imported everything and brought it over here, but I’m worried that once I delete my old account, all of the old stuff will disappear from my new blog. That wouldn’t happen, would it?

If anyone has experience in this matter, please let me know. Thanks.

The Finished Product

19 10 2008

Here is the completed hogan diorama:

It was a close call, between drying the papier mache itself, and then drying the paint after that, but he was able to take it on the bus Friday morning. Zack also painted that Navajo rug and made some pipe cleaner people to put inside.

He took it to school in the morning, and then he brought it back in the afternoon.

Just as I suspected. A psuedo-assignment.

Perhaps, in my willingness to help him with fake assignments, he’ll be more inclined to cooperate in finishing his real ones.


The Hogan Hero

16 10 2008

Zack doesn’t like homework. It’s like herding cats to try to get him to do it: math, writing, spelling, you name it. (Except reading. That he does plenty of.) He’ll sit down, ready to start, then will slip away, out of my grasp–only to do it again. Times twelve.

So it came as a great surprise yesterday when he volunteered to do his homework. He said he had to make a hogan out of Legos. Well, anything involving Legos doesn’t seem like homework. Unfortunately, we had some setbacks in the architecture department, ending in some tears of frustration. We set it aside in hopes it would look sturdier and more hogan-like in the morning.

It didn’t.

Today when he got home, he said he had to make a diorama. Using his Lego hogan.

I hated to disappoint him. But, seriously folks, that Lego hogan was not going to make any Navajos proud.

We started talking, Zack and I. It went a lot like this: me suggesting something, Zack overruling my suggestion. Or supersizing what I’d said. Over and over again. “We” finally decided to try something new.

Papier mache.

So the little hogan diorama has become a full-blown, scale model project. (I’m kidding about that. It’s not going to be to scale.) What is really funny (really, really funny–but in a way that will be much funnier in a couple of years) is that I think Zack made the whole thing up.

No, not hogans and Navajo Indians. Of course not.

The assignment.

He let a few things slip, and detective mom has connected the dots.

He was supposed to bring a shoe box to school. They made paper hogans at school, and they are making the dioramas in class.

Tomorrow (if all goes as planned–the papier mache is taking longer than I thought to dry, so we’re going to make the actual hogan itself tomorrow morning at six) Zack’s going to show up at school with a non-assignment. He can’t finish his regular work, but he’s able to throw together a huge project that they’re already doing in class. Except because he kept upping the ante, his is going to be in a boot box (the shoe box is too small) with a papier mache hogan (instead of one made from paper) and quite possibly a Navajo rug over the door.

What do I do with that? Well, today I’m rolling with it. It isn’t worth an argument, and the kids had fun painting. (I had to find boxes for the girls to paint, too, so they made cages for Brownie and Beaver.) I am, however, bushed. If I’m getting up at six, I’d best be toddling off to bed. First, though, a few pictures of the made-up project fun:

A Couple of Articles–

15 10 2008

I’m all of the sudden sucked into this Proposition 8 debate, and I read these two articles tonight that I think have some great points:,0,2093869.story

I also happened upon this blog that was illuminating: