Day Thirty

1 10 2008

I’m cheating on the last day. How disappointing! But I had a busy day chuck full o’ housework and only got the camera out once. (Rainbow had stuck her stuffed octopus down the back of Colby’s shirt–he looked like a little Quasimodo! Alas, I was too slow and missed the shot anyway.) Here are a few more from the park yesterday:

A shout out to my little man Colby: he took his first steps today! They were actually more like two little shuffles than actual steps, but he was upright and he was moving. That counts. Yahoo!

This isn’t a good picture at all, but I thought it was funny because Eden was cleaning the pea gravel off of the slide and said something like, “I’m getting this all cleaned off because I hate rocks on it. And it better be like this next time we come!” Or what? You’re going to hunt down the person who scattered the rocks around?

And so my month of a photo every day concludes with the same face it started with. It’s been interesting to say the least. It’s been good for me to get my camera out every day. It’s been nice to stretch my creative muscles a little bit and try to find new things to photograph. (You didn’t see a lot of those. They didn’t all turn out well.) I’ve realized that my biggest hurdle when it comes to taking pictures is light. And I still don’t really know what in the heck I’m doing. But it was fun. Perhaps I’ll do a wrap up post tomorrow and have a poll to vote for “Viewers’ Choice” or something like that. But I’ve miles to go before I sleep still–well, actually, it’s more like loads to fold before I sleep, but whatever. I need to get to it. ‘Night.




4 responses

1 10 2008

I LOVE the last picture of Colby. Especially the blurry background. Isn’t that what the professionals always do? I am beyond impressed. Good job! It has been fun seeing your pictures everyday.

1 10 2008

You have totally inspired me. I am going to miss the daily photos.

I have read that the morning light and the sun going down light are the best. You have done an amazing job.

2 10 2008
one sleepy mommy

I am feeling some serious vibes coming for a beautiful poem about… reaching goals & folding laundry. You inspire me!

And the picture accompanying it in the posh magazine (paying us both big bucks) will be that one of the laundry drying on the clothesline. Definitely.

2 10 2008
one sleepy mommy

Amazing to compare the first and last day pictures of Colby and see how much he’s grown! šŸ™‚ CUTE cute kid.

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