3 10 2008

I currently have a fruit fly problem.

Not just a few here and there, being general pests.


Lately, I’ve felt like they’re about ready to pick up my house and fly away with it! Seriously, it’s driving me mad. No matter how many I kill (and I’ve found smacking them against the mirror with my palm gets rid of some of the frustration–but it doesn’t get rid of enough of them) they still seem to abound.

So–do any of you have any sure-fire methods of exterminating the little buggers? Please, please share!




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3 10 2008
Chris & Kathleen

They are invading my house too!
I like the funnel trap with apple cider vinegar. It seems to work. Here’s a link:

3 10 2008

Thanks, Kathleen! I bought a fly strip at the store, and now I’ll make a funnel trap and hopefully I can eradicate the rest of them.

3 10 2008

Okay, this will not help at all en mass, but my husband taught me how to kill them with your bare hands.

You clap above the fly. If it is on a table you clap above it. If on a wall clap parallel (does that make sense?)

You see, it will feel the air, take off in flight, and get smooshed in your clap.

It is very Mr. Miagi/Daniel san.

3 10 2008

I have no brilliant ideas but I can empathize. We don’t have fruit flies in the house but this time of year in our town, the gnats run rampant. They drive us all crazy and make it miserable to be outside. Good luck!

6 10 2008


Here’s some sure-fire advice that even Zack can get on board with: stop eating fruit. Voila! No more fruit flies!



6 10 2008

Variation on the funnel trap: small glass jar, piece of banana and apple cider vinegar inside, plastic wrap on top, tie around with rubber band so it’s good and tight. Then poke a few holes in the plastic with a pen tip or something. (Fruit flies hang around outside our door and when we open it they charge right in!) Just make sure there isn’t anything else around they might like…that bunch of bananas on the counter, etc.

6 10 2008

About the pinata, you named the recipe. The only thing to watch for is not to make too many layers or it is impossible to crack. I do 2 generous layers of newspaper then one of plain white paper (easier to paint). Let me know if you have more questions.

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